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Get started with SNMPv3 in the MIMIC SNMP Simulator

MIMIC SNMP Simulator includes full SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 functionality.

    Start SNMP Simulator in MIMIC

  1. At this point you should have MIMIC installed, and the MIMICview GUI running (see details) . If you don't have MIMICview running, please consult your license e-mail to get it installed and running.

  2. You can verify that you already have snmpv1, snmpv2c and snmpv3 enabled in MIMIC as shown in the Help -> About Mimic... dialog in MIMICview. It should be listed under Loaded protocols.

  3. If you want to load additional optional modules, now is the time to follow the get started page for that module, ie. run Protocol Wizard using the Wizards -> Protocol Wizard menu in MIMICView (see details) and install the module.

    Configure a SNMP agent for SNMPv3

  4. These SNMPv3 MIBs are already compiled in MIMIC:

  5. The SNMPv3 page of the Edit->Add->Agent or Edit->Configure menu configures SNMPv3-specific parameters for the agent instance. This tab is only visible if you have enabled SNMPv3 for the agent in the Advanced tab.

    • Engine ID -- specifies the engine ID for the agent. It is in ASCII format by default, or hexadecimal format if it starts with \x. If left empty, it defaults to an ASCII string containing the hexadecimal value of the agent IP address.
    • USM Database -- specifies a file containing the User-Based Security Model definitions, as detailed in RFC 2574.
    • VACM Control Database -- specifies a file containing the View-based Access Control Model definitions, as detailed in RFC 2575.

  6. These files are self-documented and editable.

    Below is the default username/contextname settings:

    Username with no context name:

    Type User Authentication Privacy
    noAuthNoPriv user1
    authNoPriv user2 MD5
    authNoPriv user3 SHA
    authPriv user4 MD5 DES
    authPriv user5 SHA DES
    authPriv user6 MD5 AES
    authPriv user7 SHA AES

    Note: password for all user setting is 1234567890abcdef

    Username with context names:

    Type User Authentication Privacy Context
    noAuthNoPriv user11 context11
    authNoPriv user12 MD5 context12
    authNoPriv user13 SHA context13
    authPriv user14 MD5 DES context14
    authPriv user15 SHA DES context15

    Note: password for all user setting is 1234567890abcdef

    For example, if you want to add user md5des, password passw0rd, with MD5/DES, for MIMIC 21.20 and later you can use the SNMPv3 Wizard as shown in this Youtube video . Else, add one line in v3usm.conf and save the file:

    md5des md5des HMAC-MD5-96 passw0rd CBC-DES passw0rd

    Add two lines in v3vacm.conf and save the file:

    group md5des usm md5des
    access md5des "" usm authPriv     exact public netman none

  7. For advanced setting of SNMPv3 simulation/agent in MIMIC, please follow below instructions. This allows advanced access/modification of agent from external management application. With this setup you can create/delete user using SNMP commands from a management application.

  8. Make sure your existing simulation include following MIBs, if not then add missing mibs using Simulation->Devices option from MIMICView


  9. Select the Setup SNMPv3 User Management tables option in the Startup page of the Edit->Add->Agent or Edit->Configure dialog.

  10. Start the agent, and you will notice that all mib data related to v3 configuration will already be populated automatically and you are ready to access/modify agent from external management application using username/contextname settings on the agents.

    These demo videos may be helpful:

    SNMPv3 USM configuration with Enterpol: Youtube

    Generating SNMPv3 Traps and Informs: Youtube

    All other videos are at: our videos page

    FAQ page