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Get started with the MIMIC WEB Simulator

MIMIC WEB Simulator is an optional MIMIC protocol module to simulate WEB Services. This page helps you to get started with a basic WEB simulation. To get started with Redfish simulation see this other page.

It can be enabled after the base MIMIC installation as below.

    Enable WEB Services in MIMIC

  1. At this point you should have MIMIC installed, and the MIMICview GUI running (see details) . If you don't have MIMICview running, please consult your license e-mail to get it installed and running.

  2. Check whether you already have WEB enabled in MIMIC as shown in the Help -> About Mimic... dialog in MIMICview. It should be listed under Loaded protocols. If already there, then skip to step 7.

  3. Run Protocol Wizard using the Wizards -> Protocol Wizard menu in MIMICView (see details)

  4. Select WEB Services in Select Protocols dialog if not already selected. Press Next.

  5. Supply corresponding license keys from the license email in the Supply License Keys dialog. Then press Next.

  6. The Result Installing/Uninstalling Protocols dialog shows what got done. Press Finish to proceed. When the simulator restarts, you should have Redfish enabled.

    Download optional sample WEB packages

  7. At this point, you should have WEB Services enabled in MIMIC as shown in the Help -> About Mimic... dialog in MIMICview. WEB should be listed under Loaded protocols. If not, send us the MIMIC log. (see details)

  8. Invoke the MIMICview Wizard -> Update menu to download and install WEB packages (see details)

  9. Check under the section Collections for WEB Packages. If not there, then it is already installed. Else, select it, and press Next to install.

    Firewall permission for , port 80 is needed to run the Update Wizard over the web.

    Please visit this link for alternative MIMIC update instructions in case you don't have Internet to use the Update Wizard over the web connection on the MIMIC system:

    where xxxx is current MIMIC version e.g. for 20.10 it is 2010

    Configure a server

  10. After the installation is complete, follow the directions of the WEB-JSON package documentation to configure a simple WEB server.

  11. After you start the server with Agent -> Start then it starts the WEB service, allowing you to interact with it as documented in that package documentation .


  12. Our videos page has many videos of WEB simulations.

  13. Please invoke Help -> Contents menu and refer to section Optional Protocol Modules -> MIMIC WEB Services Module Guide for full details, or access it here .